• Katelyn Theobald

Spruce up for Fall

Fall has become one of my most favorite times of the year! The cool mountain air, leaves crunching on the ground, and a favorite hot drink sets the scene for entertaining season. What do I mean by entertaining season? Well I have always felt that between the start of Fall through the New Year is my busiest time of year. Hosting people for our family birthday parties, dinners, and holiday celebrations is something that I absolutely love to do!

With all the entertaining going on, I like finding ways to incorporate holidays in a tasteful way that blends in with my overall design scheme. My children especially love the changeup in decor too and are excited to see something they remember from years prior! I like things that can go from one holiday to the next because it makes for better use of that piece. Below you'll see a curated list of some of my fall favorites! The only exception of something that would only be intended for fall is the pumpkin pillow. The solid mustard and gingham pillows could be incorporated into Spring and Summer easily.

Happy Fall to you and yours that you hold dearly!

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