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Nursery + Master: Part Two

The progress on the Nursery + Master is moving along well. The hardest part of scaling back and decluttering is done leaving us with a full bag of clothes to donate and only the necessities within the space. Paint samples have been ordered from Clare.com so I can finalize the paint scheme and items I want to order for the room. Having most of what we need for the room has really saved our budget. If you are on a tight budget like I am for this home, try swapping furniture around to meet your needs better. It is a classic trick that I have used for years and even have gone as far to swap furniture with my parents to suit both our needs better. It saves a budget while still making a home feel new again.

Below is a very quick sketch I did of the room layout. It is to scale and shows where I landed on how to arrange the furniture. I knew the crib needed to be where it is because of safety and noise reasons. It is never a good idea to put a crib against a window for temperature of the babies and access to blinds, curtains, or the window itself. I also will not hang anything above their crib on the extremely rare chance it comes off and into the crib while they are sleeping. My design was planned with a safety first thought process in mind, as all nursery and children rooms should be.

My VERY quick sketch of the layout of the room.

In addition to my Nursery + Master, I have been working on making my plans for the rest of the house. I need to think about the house as a whole instead of room-by-room so that I can make sure the result is a cohesive home throughout. Being that this is such a small space, my extra attention in the planning and organizational stages will pay off.

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