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Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Now that we are getting settled with boxes unpacked, the holidays over, and a feel for what life is going to be like in our little lake house, I'm ready to start on our Nursery and Master Bedroom. This room is actually the smaller of the two rooms and requires the most accommodation. We made the decision to give the boys the larger room so they could have more space to play. I am still confident that I can create a functional space for the girls items to be stored and a place for the four of us to sleep comfortably.

Read along to see a brief that I created for myself that spells out what my goals are and plans for accomplishing my highly functional, yet aesthetically pleasing space.

The Brief:

Create a functional space for both infant twins and parents to co-exist at night using previously owned furniture and within a budget of $1500.

Decor Styles: Transitional, Shabby Chic, and Scandinavian

Colors: White, Light Pink, Gold, and Light Blue

Already Owned Furniture:

Crib and Crib Bedding

Queen Bed and Bedding

Vintage Dresser


Some Artwork

Plan to Purchase:

Queen Headboard

Curtains and Hardware

Closet Doors

Paint and Supplies

Shelves and Storage


Rocking Chair ( if fits within finished room layout )



Other Notes:

  • A subtle influence of bunnies.

  • Okay to make room feel more like a nursery than a master bedroom.

  • Consider painting walls and ceiling one color to make room feel larger.

  • Continue to purge items if they are no longer useful.

Mood Board:

I have been looking forward to creating a girls nursery for so long! While still pregnant and shopping around for the items I wanted in the girls nursery, pink was at the top of my list for just about everything. I could not get enough of it then quickly realized it did not need to be everywhere. Knowing that they would be in our room at least the first year, I had time to come up with a plan that was balanced and thoughtful.

Their crib is a classic Jenny Lind in white. The spindles are so elegant and timeless; it truly is my dream crib. For their bedding I purchased white quilts with small gold polka dots and coordinating crib skirt. For safety reasons, I opted out on purchasing a crib bumper. In many nurseries, parents choose some animal or group of animals and I am no different when it comes to this tradition. Bunnies are our thing however I am going to keep it within to a few pieces to represent our favorite little animal.

As for how Jason and I are going to co-exist in this pink nursery took me a little longer to figure out. I hate to say it but I had an "ah-ha" moment when looking over the furniture we already own to use in the room. Their dresser/changing table was my baby dresser that is a crisp white 3-drawer with a small detail of light blue on the feet and piping on the drawers. I've decided to pull the blue detail from it and carry it across the room with the headboard, rug, and small accent touches. After 30 years of baby and kids use it is in need of some TLC so I would like to have it professionally worked on to bring it back to life.

The biggest part of making my design a success is to stay within my budget. I like to be practical, clearance shop, and maybe only splurge on one or two things that will truly be focal points, but only if I can keep the budget balanced in doing so. The chandelier and headboard are my biggest two purchases that need to be made, so I will need to map my entire shopping and supply list out before making purchases to make sure that I can stay on top of my spending.

The next couple of months I will work on finalizing my paint color, planning my supplies and purchasing list, and creating a timeline for installation. I cannot be without a bedroom for very long in the process of me updating it therefore being strategic in how I accomplish everything is crucial. Please stay tuned for how this design will evolve!

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