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Garden Planters

Spring in the mountains is always interesting. We have gone from a harsh winter, to lots of rain, followed by the wonder of sprinklers and sunshine, then back to more snow and rain. It is safe to say I was tricked Mother's Day weekend into buying flowers with some not surviving and will have to replant. Thankfully, I have a lovely nursery not too far from me and I will make my large purchase after we get through what will hopefully be the last really cold week of spring.

With my uncertainty on exactly how long we will be staying here in the My Little Lake House, I have decided to do a majority of my planting in containers this year. I love having flowers in my yard and enjoy taking the time to nurture them. Listed below are some ideas on what I want to add to my outdoor living areas and wanted to share and inspire you to add some life and color to your summer as well!

What to Plant and Where:

  • Lemongrass and Lavender will help keep mosquitoes away. Plant or put in pots near outside doors.

  • Favorite Herbs in containers on a cart would be not only adorable but also easy to step outside and trim for a fresh addition to what your cooking.

  • Hanging Baskets or Planter Boxes can be filled with Geranium, Petunias, Alyssum, Ivy, Lobelia, or Begonias. Be sure to check your climate and place in the appropriate sun/shade area.

  • Plant Rose Bushes and Hydrangeas along your fence or designated large flower bed. They are classic and will elevate any outdoor space or garden. Cut flowers for parties or hostess gifts and enjoy them as they will come back every year. Maintain them in the fall for winter and again in the spring for beautiful results.

  • Indoor plants such as Ferns, African Violets, Christmas Cactus, and Orchids will add life into your inside living space. Choose a planter pot that enhances your decor and enjoy greenery and blooms year round.

Happy planting from My Little Lake House!

- Katelyn

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