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Color Palette for My Little Lake House

Many projects and planning my own elopement style wedding for 50 guests in 5 weeks have kept me from working on My Little Lake House lately. But now that everything has wrapped up and summer is getting near, I am feeling so inspired and have focused my vision on what I can make our little home turn into realistically.

My goal is to spruce it up so that it can go on the market move-in ready. Most tasks are aesthetic and will have a major impact on completing the charm of the home that I have lived in off and on for 13 years. Characteristics that I love will become the main focal point of my design and adding function to this small space will be key for resale. Old homes are tough where closet space is minimal and layouts don't match modern day use.

I am glad I didn't jump in and just start painting to start painting. I admittedly broke a design rule by only considering one room at a time instead of my whole house collectively. I now have a color palette in mind that I know will make me happy for the remainder of the time that we live here but also wanted it to be neutral enough for the next homeowner and easy to stage the home around as well.

The issue that has come up which I hadn't considered was the actual paint. The Lake Almanor area is very small and there are few hardware stores with no large chains near by. I am one who is a creature of habit when it comes to the brands I prefer to paint with and those are Behr and Benjamin Moore, both of which are a minimum hour and a half drive away. Anyone who has taken on painting themselves know that in the event of a sample looking right, when it comes time to paint you may have a change of heart and need to make adjustments. Driving back and fourth such long distances to stay with my normal brands makes no sense. So I researched Clare Paint, which is an online retailer with limited colors curated by Interior Designer Nicole Gibbons. I am very happy with her collection, but found that the colors weren't quite working for my space.

My solution was I need to stick to what is close by and take this opportunity to see what else I may like. Since I am not living here long term and the odds of a new homeowner changing them anyway may happen, I decided that I am going to try a few new brands and write about what I have found and compare to previous brands I have used. The brands in the pipeline are Kelly Moore and Valspar. I pulled colors from both brands and created similar palates with them and will work on getting the actual samples up on the walls. I am very excited about this and look forward to the process!

First up on my list is a kitchen wall in black. Yes, black! I have a 16' long galley style kitchen that is white which I love! However, I have a black and white stove and black refrigerator. They stick out terribly against all the white so by creating a black wall behind them it will help to blend them into the wall instead of them popping off of it. Plus, who can argue a black and white classic kitchen in a home built in the 1930's?

I will then shift my focus to the boys room. They have been surprisingly patient on getting their room in order for the remainder of the time that we are here. Picking a color has been hard and I want to stay away from the ever so boring classic light gray. I feel that color doesn't work with the floors anyway and will be in every other house potential homeowners may look at. It is also on its way out in the design world with blues and creams coming in. While both those colors are a classic color combination, they just so happen to be my favorite as I can't get enough of it! My recommendation on how to use gray in your own home would be to pick one with a green or blue undertone so that it adds more life into your space.

As for the debate on the soft pink for our Nursery/Master, I have moved on. It doesn't fit into my color palate and again I want to make the space move-in ready for the next homeowner. I would imagine most people would appreciate it to not be pink either. My plan is to keep that room the soft white that it already is, install baseboards and closet doors, then complete the space with simple accessories to tie it all together.

Please stay tuned for pictures of the final color palette and samples up on the walls! I am excited to share my design journey with you and my upcoming tips for how to create function in such a small space!

- Katelyn

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