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Boys Room: Part One

The boys have asked me to jump in and start on their room as soon as possible so we put together a Mood Board based on both their requests. Paint samples are on their way from Clare.com and I am already working on their purchase list to get an idea on how much their project is going to cost. We recently purchased items for them last year to update their room and will use those as our starting point on this project!

The Brief

Create a space for both boys to sleep, do homework, play, and create. Use bunk bed so there is maximum floor space and bedding they already own as a starting point for design scheme. No “theme” but accents of mountains, lakes, skiing, golf, and baseball is okay. Need large rug to warm up room and a bonus would be reading nook with more bookshelf to store large collection of books. One more desk is a necessity as well.

Mood Board:

After discussing the boys room with them, we have decided to keep things as minimal as possible. As it stands right now, many of their current toys are dangerous making this small house feel even smaller because their room is off limits to the girls. They have already started working on tossing the toys they do not play with anymore and moving unsafe toys they wish to keep to their playroom at their grandparents house just down the road. The extra space at my in-laws house is such a blessing for our lifestyle right now! The boys are able to go over anytime and get into their many bins of Legos and action figures without my crushing fear of the girls finding something small and choking on it.

To Do List:

  • Create Floor Plan

  • Design Reading Corner + Bookshelves

  • Finalize Paint Scheme

  • Make Purchase List

  • Lighting Plan

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